An onlay is similar to a half crown, fitting inside and over a portion of a tooth, much like a puzzle piece; onlays generally last as long as crowns when properly cared for and look exactly like a natural tooth when completed.

Onlays are made from a strong white, Porcelain material called E-Max. This material provides the strength and durability for the placement on the biting surfaces of the teeth.

Onlays are used when a filling is going to be too large, resulting in the potential for fracture and breakage. They can also be placed if patients do not want to replace a larger fillings as often and would like a longer outlook on their treatment. When cared for correctly Onlays can last anywhere between 10 years and 30 years depending on a number of individual factors.

Onlays often look better than natural teeth, and provide patients with what often looks like a brand new tooth! Onlays can close spaces between teeth, where food gets impacted, they can also be used to create a brighter smile in mouths that have large silver fillings