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How Much Will My Insurance Cover?

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Following a comprehensive examination, we provide a personalised treatment plan detailing all procedure costs and item numbers, so you can calculate your refund.

There are a number of factors that will affect the refund that you are entitled to receive for Dental treatment including:

  1. Overall treatment cost
  2. The level of cover you have
  3. Whether you have just general dental cover or both general & major
  4. Which health insurance fund you are with
  5. Whether or not the dentist attended if affiliated with a particular insurer to ensure maximum patient rebates

As a provider for Bupa’s Members First Dental Network, BUPA members with dental cover receive a rebate minimum of 60%, up to 100% depending on your level of cover for each procedure. Children covered on family policies that combine both Hospital and Extras cover often receive 100% rebates on most dental services. We advise that you check with BUPA first as to the level of cover you have and the rebate you shall receive. If you are interested in joining Bupa, please click here.

As a member of HCF’s Oral Health Program, HCF members with dental cover will receive a 100% rebate for 2 checkups and cleans per year. They are also entitled to 1 fluoride treatment, 2 custom-made mouth guards, and unlimited radiographs when required per year. If you are interested in joining HCF, please click here.

For patient convenience, we utilize a HICAPS machine, allowing us to process your insurance claim on the spot, and meaning you only have to pay the gap payment. HICAPS is a convenient way of ensuring you do not have to later go to your insurer with paperwork, or come up with vast amounts of money for treatments on the spot.

Once you have received a treatment plan, you can easily contact your insurer, and through quoting the codes, your insurer will be able to quickly provide you with a rebate estimate.


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