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White Fillings

White Fillings at Elwood

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White fillings allow for minimally invasive, Aesthetically pleasing, solutions if you require a filling, or wish to replace existing silver fillings. At Elwood Family Dentist we understand the need for smile perfection, and therefore only utilise the highest quality white fillings.

White fillings help to achieve a bright, healthy looking smile. Carefully matched to your natural tooth colour, white fillings are a great solution for minimising the visibility of any dental work. They also contain no mercury allowing for the achievement of optimum health.

The longevity of a white filling results from a number of factors, including size, location and biting force. White fillings are not always appropriate for teeth with large cavities, and may require a more sturdy, porcelain option such as an Inlay or Onlay. A dental professional can advise you on the best option for your individual situation and the time span you can expect to achieve out of your dental treatment.


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