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Digital X-Ray

Digital Radiography

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Digital Radiography is a far more superior option compared to traditional radiography. Providing an instant image, digital radiography helps us to minimise your time in the dental chair, and to provide you with an immediate diagnosis with no need to wait around for the film to development.

The digital image helps to minimise any exposure issues, reducing the need for image retakes, and our advanced software enables us to provide special imaging processes to enhance the image quality and provide a more extensive diagnosis, on things that may otherwise be overlooked.

Computerized storage on images allows for secure, easy access and comparisons if needed. As well as increasing patient communication, these images can also easily be sent between dental offices and even to yourself, allowing for smoother referrals, and reducing the need for ‘doubling up’ on x-rays.

By far, the most beneficial aspect of this great technology is the reduction in the amount of radiation exposure per film. The digital radiography procedure provides up to an 80% reduction, minimizing any risks or concerns that you may have in relation to x-rays. This reduction results in only a small amount of radiation exposure.


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