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CEREC at Elwood Family Dentist

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We use the state of the art technology CEREC to create same day Ceramic Crowns, Onlay & Inlays, here at Elwood Family Dentist

CEREC is a unique invention and procedure that allows our dentists to also be a dental technician in the surgery. The machines are connected to a computer system, one is a digital camera and the other is a milling machine.

Over the years, software and hardware enhancements have progressed and it is now possible to mill a porcelain crown in about 10 minutes. This crown is then stained, fired and glazed in a porcelain furnace for a further 30 minutes so that a crown can be fitted in the same appointment.

The Process

  • When you have a cracked, chipped or decayed tooth and a crown is required, we prepare the tooth by trimming 1.5mm off the circumference and top.
  • We then take digital pictures with our 3D scanners to get the precise details of the teeth and surroundings.
  • This information is then transferred automatically to the CEREC milling machine and a blank, ceramic block is then shaped to the required shape.
  • The milled restoration is bonded directly to your tooth once it has been colour matched, fired and glazed.

It is exciting to be involved in CADCAM dentistry from both a technological aspect and how it benefits our patients.

CEREC Technology Elwood Family Dentist

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