The laser removes cavities and treats soft tissue problems with the energy of light. The laser emits a special frequency of light that absorbs the decayed tooth, leaving healthy tooth intact.

Dental drills can cause discomfort from vibration and large amounts of water, making some kind of anesthetic almost always necessary. The laser works by removing decay with no vibration, helping to minimise discomfort. Laser also reduces the size of the hole produced, saving on tooth structure and helping us to practice the minimally invasive dentistry we are so passionate about.

Studies have shown that 96% of patients require no form of anesthetic when having decay removed with the laser, resulting in no need for a dreaded needle, and no inconvenient waiting times waiting for the anesthetic to take effect and to wear off. Because of the need for no anesthetic, multiple areas of the mouth can be worked on in one appointment, helping to reduce the amount of trips to the dentist!

When used on soft tissue such as the gums and tongue, the laser helps to reduce pain and results in faster healing times, making even the most uncomfortable of procedures a breeze!

The laser is suitable for both adults and children, Dr Steinberg is more than happy to discuss whether you would be a suitable candidate for Laser Dentistry.