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When looking for a Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne, you want to find a Cosmetic Dentist with the experience and expertise in order to give you the perfect look that you desire. At Elwood Family Dentist, we are proud to work alongside Dr Damian Ryan in order to provide our patients with only the most superior services.

From the shop floor to senior executive level, many people are finding job competition requires they have confidence and look the part. Our patients come from widely varied backgrounds: from those under the spotlight of film and television, modelling and business, to those who simply wish to change an aspect of their appearance that has concerned them for some time.

However, there is one thing our patients have in common, results that build confidence, look natural and last a long time.

Meet Dr Damian Ryan…

Cosmetic Dentist Melbourne-Dr Damian Ryan-Elwood Family Dentist.

Procedures such as veneering and bonding require high levels of skill and clinical care, acquired through experience and ongoing education.

Dr Damian Ryan is a proud member of the Australian Dental Association and has over 20 years experience as a dentist. Dr Ryan previously owned his own successful private dental practice in Melbourne and now provides the cosmetic services at Elwood Family Dentist.

His extensive knowledge and experience in Cosmetic Dentistry are second to none. Dr Ryan is passionate about providing top-level treatment. From minor changes, to smile makeovers. Dr Ryan carefully talks his patients through the process step-by-step.

His approachable persona allow patients to easily open up about what they would like, and to ensure that patients receive exactly what they wish for, as well as extensive knowledge and education.

Dr Ryan’s skills and expertise allow Elwood Family Dentist to ensure that patients receive only the best. Yet within a comfortable familiar environment that they are used to.

His extensive experience and training in the field of cosmetic dentistry enable him to achieve the aesthetic and functional results that clients wish for. Utilising only the latest technology and the highest quality materials, Dr Ryan is able to create long-lasting, quality results that will keep you smiling for many years to come.

All restorations are Australian made, to the highest quality standards, so you can ensure that you are receiving only the best.


Our Cosmetic Dentist Melbourne services include:

• Whitening– Lightening the colour of dull, stained natural teeth.

• White Restorations A natural, tooth coloured solution to unsightly silver fillings.

• Crowns- perfecting the bite and functionality of teeth.

• Veneers- creating a beautiful smile.

• Fixing broken or chipped teeth- Returning teeth to functionality and optimal appearance.

• Aesthetic dentistry- Fixing the appearance of what you don’t like.

• Dental Implants- Replacing gaps, inadequate bridges or removable dentures.

At every stage of your dental treatment we explain exactly what steps are being taken and guide you in your choice of options. You will have a very clear picture of what we can achieve for you, including previewing the results on screen with digital imaging techniques.

To read more about Dr Damian Ryan, Cosmetic Dentist Melbourne, please feel free to visit his personal website here.


Over the years, teeth age – becoming discoloured from coffee, tea, tobacco, or possibly antibiotic use in childhood. Microscopic openings in the tooth’s surface allow stains to enter, resulting in a dulling or yellowing of the teeth.

Brides want dazzling smiles that make them feel glamorous, and enhance the ‘perfect look’ on their wedding day; Models need to look their best, and increasingly. Many men and women are finding they need to improve and maintain their looks to achieve the best job opportunities.

Teeth whitening is the most commonly requested treatment.

Unsightly Grey Fillings..

Most dental patients prefer to have their decayed teeth or old metal-based, silver fillings replaced with a tooth coloured alternative. It is healthier, and looks significantly better. The newer resin restorations are directly bonded to the remaining tooth structure. This aids in strengthening the tooth in addition to brightening your smile.

As long as these procedures are conducted carefully by an experienced dentist, this type of restoration is as durable as the old fashioned metal-based fillings.

If there is an extensive loss of original tooth, then a Porcelain Crown may be needed to give a strong and aesthetic result. We are able to show examples of these at the clinic.


Crooked, chipped, gappy or gummy smiles can undermine one’s self-esteem. People who feel self-conscious about their dentition learn to suppress their natural smile & develop unconscious habits to avoid showing their teeth.

It is now possible to correct crooked, bucked or badly discoloured teeth & create a smooth, evenly shaped contour & colour that looks fabulous and gleams naturally.

Tooth Re-Shaping 

Reshaping is one of the most dramatic & instant treatments now available in dentistry.

It is now possible to reshape crooked teeth to achieve an even, natural smile in one visit. In the past, years of braces were the only option.

A few millimetres of reduction and a few millimetres of tooth-coloured material added with expert skill & an artist’s eye combine to create a balanced, confident smile.


Dr Damian Ryan, Costmetic Dentist Melbourne.


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