Looking for teeth whitening in Brighton? We’ve got you covered.

Elwood Family Dentist is known for three things: an exceptionally friendly service, excellent treatment, and affordable prices. There’s a reason why we’re one of the most trusted dentists in Victoria! Our commitment to providing you with the treatments you need at prices you can afford – combined with our passionate and friendly service – means you’ll never worry about visiting the dentist ever again!

Teeth Whitening Brighton

Our innovative teeth whitening service means you’ll brighter, whiter teeth in no time. We even go further and offer expert advice on how to keep those pearly whites, pearly white!

Brighton’s local teeth whitening experts

Building on our principal dentist, Dr Lew Steinberg’s 35 years of experience, Elwood Family Dentist offers the perfect combination of innovative treatments and expert application. Dr Steinberg is a third generation dentist, following in the footsteps of his mother, father, and grandfather. He has built up an expert team of dental assistants, oral health therapists, and cosmetic treatment specialists who help give you the perfect smile.

This resulted in Elwood Family Dentist adopting the Pola Advanced Tooth Whitening System. This treatment gives you a whiter smile in an instant – boosting your self-image and confidence. Pola can quickly reverse discolouration on all your teeth, and you’ll be given the choice of five different systems. You can choose how white your teeth will be, and you can even take the system home with you to keep up with your treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Brighton

We believe our Pola Advanced Tooth Whitening System is the best way to brighten the colour of your teeth without damaging the important enamel layer.

Our team also helps you keep your teeth in their best condition, offering expert advice on how to maintain the new colour. We’ll walk you through the best ways to maintain your teeth and promote good oral health. That way, you won’t have to keep coming back for cosmetic treatments!

We of course also offer cosmetic dentistry in Brighton, with other options to help keep your smile white. We can help you get rid of your dated metal fillings and apply brand new, durable white fillings that don’t change the colour of your teeth. Our team can also offer porcelain veneers and full dental implants, helping you keep your smile white, bright, and healthy looking.

Pristine Teeth Whitening In Brighton You Can Smile About

At Elwood Family Dentist, we strongly believe that there is a difference between self-care and vanity. We have seen first hand the incredible effects that teeth whitening can bring about in our patients.

There is nothing like the boost of self-assurance you get when you look in the mirror to be greeted by a renewed bright smile grinning right back at you. It’s enough to help you tackle what life throws at you with fresh vigour.
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Safeguarding Your New Smile

After a whitening treatment, results tend to last from one up to three years depending on diet, brushing frequency, and general dental health routine. We give every patient careful instructions and demonstrations on how to best preserve their fresh veneer.

We recommend avoiding or limiting the amount of brightly coloured foods and beverages, like red wine, coffee, tomato sauce and curries as they can negate the whitening effects quicker. Often we find that most patients prefer to return for touch-ups every three to six months to maintain pristine results.

We’re Brighton’s Favourite Teeth Whitening Clinic

We understand how intimidating it can be to visit the dentist. Sitting in the dentist’s chair while someone examines your mouth with bright lights and mirrors isn’t most people’s idea of a good time. However, we go to great lengths to ensure our customers feel completely at ease while we work to ensure their teeth are in good health and looking great.

A deficiency of knowledge is at the heart of why so many people feel ill at ease going to the dentist. The thought that something might be wrong and require a procedure can loom heavy in the mind. That is why we tell our customers precisely what we are looking for when we examine their teeth and tell them exactly what we find and what we would recommend as a next step.

This level of transparency means that you know just what you are dealing with and puts you firmly in the driving seat. Our team of friendly, patient and compassionate dental professionals will happily dispel your concerns about going to the dentist and give you greater confidence to keep your teeth in great condition.

Brighten Your Smile With Whiter Teeth in Brighton

There’s no need to fret about cosmetic dentistry in Brighton, let Elwood Family Dentist put you at ease and walk you through the treatments we have on offer. Depending on your level and type of dental insurance you could avail of some of our services at no expense at all.

If you are a Bupa Members First customer then you will get at least sixty per cent of your dental costs back. If you are part of the HCF More For Teeth Program and carry extras cover then you are entitled to two fully covered check-ups and cleans each year.

The More For Teeth Program also covers you for x-rays and mouth guards when you visit us. We recommend checking with your insurer to clarify that you are eligible for the aforementioned procedures before booking an appointment with us.

Book your cosmetic dentistry appointment in Brighton!

Never had your teeth whitened before, and not sure what to expect? Don’t worry. Our team of dentists have decades of experience, and we’re happy to impart all our knowledge on you. Whatever you need to know, we’re happy to answer – and we’ll even make recommendations based on your dental health, history, and goals.

We’ll walk you through our innovative teeth whitening system and help you decide what to do next. And to top it all off? You won’t pay over the odds. All our prices are designed to be as competitive and affordable as possible, meaning cosmetic dentistry is within your reach!

Visit our surgery today or call us on (03) 9531 8095!

Elwood Family Dentist services all Melbourne suburbs including: Elsternwick, St Kilda, Brighton, Caulfield, Balaclava & Gardenvale.
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