Periodontal Disease, often referred to as ‘Gum Disease’ occurs when inflammation from the gums results in irreversible damage to the bone and supporting tooth components.

Whilst everyone will develop Gingivitis given the right conditions, not all will go on to develop Gum Disease.

A person is more likely to develop Gum Disease if there is a family history, they are a smoker, or they have Uncontrolled Diabetes. Periodontal Disease is a prime example of how the body can affect the mouth.

Whilst it cannot be reversed, it can be managed in many cases. In mild cases it may be possible for a General Dentist to aid in management; however in more moderate and advanced cases often a specialist called a Periodontist is required. A Periodontist specializes in the conditions of the Gums.

If left untreated or poorly managed, Gum Disease will only advance, and may eventually result in the loss of teeth. Depending on the severity of the case, implants may not be possible and Dentures may be the only option, so it is essential that it is managed to slow or halt progression.