In current society, science, technology and medicine are constantly improving and more than ever; anything is possible. The increase of cosmetic dentistry has reached new levels in recent years, meaning procedures are more accessible and produce better results.

Dental Implants In St Kilda

Due to their long-lasting results, an increasingly popular treatment is dental implants. With highly competent and experienced dental implant specialists in St. Kilda; you can be sure that you are in safe hands at Elwood Family Dentist.

From initial consultation through to treatment and aftercare, we not only educate patients about their teeth and oral hygiene but provide a warm, calming environment to help settle any nerves and anxiety that can be associated with visiting the dentist.

The Benefits Of A Treatment At Our Dental Implant Clinic In St Kilda

When considering the benefits of dental implants in St Kilda; the first thought is generally of the obvious; that they, unlike dentures, are a permanent fixture. This in itself, is an appealing quality because there is little to no risk of the implant falling out, no need to remove overnight and they can be cleaned with a toothbrush alongside your natural teeth.

The list of benefits continues; dental implants are more comfortable and once topped with a crown or bridge, feel like a real tooth. Patients can forget they even have an implant as there is no need to change their diet or take care of what foods they are eating – a much-loved trait!

In all, dental implants are the first step in increasing a patient’s overall health, providing stability within the mouth and improving self-esteem, all of which restore a confident smile.

Our Services In St Kilda Don’t Stop With Dental Implants, There Is Much More

Not only does the Elwood Family Dental practice specialise in cosmetic dentistry in St Kilda, but we offer a whole range of other dental services too. From general procedures such as check-ups and fillings to larger procedures including root canal treatment and laser dentistry. Whether you have pain and discomfort or are inquiring about cosmetic procedures, we tailor personal treatment plans ensuring solutions that suit you.

We believe that good oral hygiene and strong teeth should be a priority from day one and encourage regular examinations for children as soon as teeth are formed. We are extremely patient centred so have techniques that cater to every age – for young children we even have a tooth fairy assistant to make the appointment a fun experience.

At our dental implant clinic in St Kilda, we have a lot of experience with anxious patients and are proud to have designed our practice for optimum calm. Find therapeutic candles and oils, relaxing music or the offer of noise-cancelling headphones, blankets available on request and we also offer topical anaesthetic during procedures if patients are feeling extra nervous.

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