Looking after your teeth and oral hygiene is essential during your adult life. Brushing, flossing and the use of mouthwash should be daily habits and visiting your dentist at least once a year is equally beneficial to maintain a healthy mouth.

Occasionally, even with the utmost care, teeth can break down resulting in the requirement of treatment such as crowns to cover the imperfection and make the tooth stronger, more resilient and look as new. Crowns are made to match the colour of your natural teeth so they will blend in ensuring the appearance stays flawless. For a quality tooth crown clinic in St Kilda, choose Elwood Family Dentist.

Best Crown Dentist in St Kilda

We have a passionate team of family dentist near Elwood who have dedicated decades of their lives to dentistry. We are approachable, compassionate and patient, truly listening to you and your requirements to tailor unique treatment plans. Putting patients in the centre, achieving expectations at affordable prices; all while easing any nerves and anxiety that may be held is our focus.

We Specialise In Crown Dentistry In St Kilda Area

At Elwood Family Dentist, not only will you find the best crown dentist in St Kilda but a range of other treatments also. We specialise in cosmetic dentistry; tailoring detailed treatment plans around the patient’s goals, budget and preferred speed of results.

Aside from tooth crown treatments, other procedures that we offer include:

  • Teeth whitening in St Kilda – removal of yellow stains for brighter, whiter teeth
  • Porcelain veneers – an increasingly popular treatment for misaligned or broken teeth
  • Dental implants near St Kilda – a permanent replacement for lost or broken teeth
  • White fillings – an attractive alternative to amalgam fillings

From the initial consultation, we put you in the centre of focus, ensuring you are educated on the process and fully informed of what each stage incurs; before and during procedures.

St Kilda’s Tooth Crown Clinic: Easing Nerves With A Calming Ambience

It is not uncommon for patients to have nerves and anxiety surrounding their visit to the dentist. Our goal is to minimise these fears by providing each patient with a calming and relaxing atmosphere from the second they walk through the door.

Our relaxation techniques include but are not limited to; therapeutic oils and candles, an aquarium within our waiting room as water relaxes the senses, calming music playing throughout the practice or the offer of noise-cancelling headphones, complimentary drinks and snacks and soft, plush blankets for added comfort when you are in the dental chair. Whatever you need to relax, we strive to provide.

We also believe that education of the processes involved in your procedure helps to relax patients. Preparation is key and in our experience, giving each patient the chance to ask questions before, during and after each procedure helps to calm any reservations that they hold.

Book Your Appointment Near St Kilda With Our Crown Dentist & Restore Your Smile Today

For all of your general and cosmetic dentistry including crowns, implants and check-ups, choose Elwood Family Dentist in St Kilda. Call us on (03) 9531 8095 or book a consultation with our St Kilda’s crown dentist online today!