Because we believe going to the dentist should be an enjoyable experience, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality, comprehensive care with a focus on your comfort and satisfaction. Despite increasing in practice scope and size, our patient service and care has remained a priority each and every day, something we pride ourselves on.

Brighton Emergency Dentist

Creating and building a trusting relationship is our priority. Fell comforted knowing that we use the latest technology available, and have a strong commitment to environment, community and our ethics. We are committed to providing you with only the best care and ongoing dental advice, ensuring that we take the time to follow through with our promises and commitments, to ensure you can smile bigger than you have before. We aspire for you to leave us with a smile like no other and the memory of a priceless experience.

Emergency Dentist in Brighton

Our highly experienced dental practitioners are kind and caring, whilst focusing on your overall health and happiness. We specifically tailor your treatment to suit you and your individual needs. Just as no two people are alike, neither are no two mouths, and therefore it is essential that from the moment you walk in, you are treated like the unique and special individual that you are.

Brighton’s Leading Emergency Dentist

We understand the need for absolute comfort and relaxation when at the Brighton emergency dentist. From a calm, easing environment, to aromatherapy oils and soothing music, we aim to provide a dental experience like no other. Dental care packs at each of your routine appointments help to ensure you always have the tools to keep smiling.

Local Emergency Dental Services in Brighton

Join a dental practice that can care for all of your own and your family’s dental needs. We work alongside leading specialists in a range of disciplines to ensure optimal treatment for our patients. Our caring, qualified staff develop lifelong relationships with you. With being a family orientated emergency dentist in Brighton, we have adopted specific approaches aimed at children and younger patients to help maximize their compliance and oral health, whilst making going to the dentist exciting and fun.
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Do You Need An Emergency Dentist In Brighton?

If so then give Elwood Family Dentist a call and we will put you on the right path straight off the bat. We have been practising emergency dentistry as well as providing first-class conventional and cosmetic dental treatment for years.

We have cultivated a broad base of patients that rely on our services to maintain their dental health and who continue to return to our practice year on year for regular checkups.

We are a friendly dental business that specialises in comfort management and promoting a stress-free environment for our patients so they can enjoy all the benefits of great dental care without the pain and anxiety experienced in other traditional dental practices. We are on hand to provide emergency dentistry when you need it and get you back on track as soon as possible.

Preventive Measures To Safeguard Your Teeth

Dental emergencies can arise at any moment, anywhere often at the most unhelpful times. Since they tend to occur unexpectedly there is little that can be done to protect against an emergency, with the best option being to go immediately to a dentist with experience.

In order to mitigate against sudden emergencies maintaining a high level of oral health is intrinsic. Correct brushing, accurate flossing, a balanced diet, brushing twice a day and visiting your dentist regularly will all help prevent a dental emergency, but they are not a guarantee that one will not arise.

Contact sports can lead to unexpected tooth breakages and filling losses. Mouthguards are an essential part of contact sports such as football and rugby as they provide the best form of protection against sudden heavy impacts sustained on the field.

A mouthguard that is correctly moulded to the teeth and maintained in good condition can be the strongest piece of preventive dental care available in sports. If you play any kind of contact sports or martial arts, we can provide you with a quality mouthguard, perfectly fitted to your teeth that will offer superior protection. We cannot stress enough the importance of a high performing mouthguard.

A Brighter Smile For A Brighter Brighton

The cost of the injuries sustained without one often heavily outweigh the cost of purchasing a professional and correctly fitted mouthguard. The bottom line is that if you play sports regularly, then you are much more likely to sustain damage to the teeth if you are not wearing something protective.

If you lose or crack a filling then you must address it immediately. This can be very painful as the underlying nerves may be exposed and susceptible to cold air causing great pain as well as a risk of infection. Even if there are no accompanying symptoms such as pain, the tooth structure may be weakened and more prone to breakage and infection.

When seen to promptly, fillings can often be replaced with minimal intervention saving you time and money on more costly procedures that may be necessary if treatment is delayed.

In the case of loose crowns, it is best to search for it and keep it somewhere safe. In most cases, crowns are easy to re-apply to the tooth rather than having to create a new replacement. The exposed tooth may be sensitive to the tongue so it is important to make a dental appointment promptly to avoid further aggravation.

What To Do In A Dental Emergency

As already stated the first thing that a patient should do in the event of a dental emergency is to contact a dentist and get seen to right away.

Second to that, there are a number of things that can improve the chances of success before a dentist has the chance to get a look at the issue. If a tooth has been loosened or knocked out of the socket then great care must be taken with any teeth that have come free.

Take care when handling the tooth, and be sure to only handle it by the crown, rather than the sensitive root. If you are unsure about inserting the tooth back into the socket, then place it in milk. Under no circumstances should a loose tooth be placed in water.

There are times when a tooth can be re-implanted and saved if done so promptly. Teeth that are re-inserted into their socket within twenty minutes have the best chance of surviving. Cold packs can be helping in reducing any pain and swelling.

In the unfortunate event of a serious accident that badly damages the teeth or mouth beyond repair it may not be possible to restore the dental structure to its original form. However, fortunately at Elwood Family Dentist, we provide unrivalled cosmetic dental treatment that can compensate for even the worst damage.

We offer procedures such as dental crowns, veneers, bridges, onlays and dental implants to bring your smile back to its former glory and allow you to hold your head up high and enjoy the confidence of a full set of great looking teeth. So, regardless of your emergency, you know that you are in the safest possible hands with us.

For Emergency Dentistry Give Your Local Brighton Dentist A Call

You can book an appointment with us today in person, over the phone or online. You can find our online booking portal on our website which makes the process fast and simple. You can choose an appointment time that suits you, indicate the type of dental issue you are experiencing and even select the specific dentist you prefer.

If you are a new customer you can send us your patient details through our new patient form on our website too. Simply complete your personal contact info and medical history to whatever degree you are comfortable with and you can review or edit the information later at our practice.

This gives us a better understanding of any other health concerns or allergies that we should be aware of so that we can give you the best possible level of care. If you are in need of an emergency dentist in Brighton then don’t delay and book an appointment with us today!

Elwood Family Dentist services all Melbourne suburbs including: Elsternwick, St Kilda, Brighton, Caulfield, Balaclava & Gardenvale.
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