Children's Dentistry


We had a great time looking after many of our littlest patients this week! We are passionate about childrens dental health, and are proud to Bulk Bill those on the Childrens Dental Benefit Scheme.

Providing affordable Childrens Dentistry instills good oral health approaches and practices from a young age, and allows any issues or concerns to be noticed early and treated as minimally as possible.

We believe going to the Dentist should be a fun filled experience for children, and offer goodies and toys for a feel good environment that they will want to come back to again and again. Our tooth fairy assistant will sing songs and read tooth books educating children on the benefits of brushing and flossing their teeth.

For added convenience we offer Medicare Easyclaim, allowing us to simply swipe your card and process on the spot. Prevention is always the best investment, contact our friendly customer care team on 95318095, or email us on and we would be delighted to assist!

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